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What Oura Measures

  • Blood pulse volume in your finger, from which it calculates your respiratory rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability.
  • Body temperature.
  • Movement of the hand that’s wearing the ring.
  • Time of day.

What It Infers From Those Measurements

  • Sleep quality: Calculated based on what time you’re lying in bed, for how long, how much you move around in bed, and how your breathing, temperature, and heart rate measurements vary during that time. It also attempts to break that sleep into the different stages: light, REM, and deep sleep.
  • Activity: Calculated based on periodic (not continuous) monitoring of your heart rate and how much you move your hand.
  • Readiness: Calculated based on trends in your resting heart rate, HRV, respiratory rate, and body temperature.

Oura Sleep Tracking Ring Rental

  • Rental units can only be shipped in the Bow Valley.  Pickup and dropoff at the studio or we will deliver and pick up to your doorstep for free.

  • Rental units are fully sanitized before delivery and on return. We recommend wiping down after each use. Contactless delivery and payment are available.