The Vibrating massage ball combines the effectiveness of a vibrating foam roller with the targeted trigger point massage of two lacrosse balls tapped together.


4 Levels of Intensity:

✅ Level 1: Low intensity. Perfect for sensitive muscles like your neck and triceps.

✅ Level 2: Medium intensity. Ideal for rolling out your quads, IT bands, and mid-sized muscles.

✅ Level 3: High intensity. Feels incredible on hamstrings and other large muscle groups.

✅ Level 4: Pulsing massage. Our personal favorite - feels like a masseuse is digging into your trouble spots with a kneading motion!


Trusted By The Pros!


Athletes in the NFL, NBA, and MLB use vibration rolling to reach and maintain peak performance.

✅ Relieves pain and promotes recovery.

✅ Brings the benefits of sports massage to your fingertips.

✅ Great for both warming up, and cooling down.


Vibration Massage Peanut