A hands free massage for you and your family everyday!


1 Week compression massage unit rental.  3 sizes of boots, hip & arms are available. 1 set of sleeves per rental. Additional sleeves are $40/week


Compression massage sleeves that squeeze your entire leg from your toes up. The constant pressure is great for moving blood, lymphatic fluid and lactic acid. The pressure is adjustable from gentle to stiff, provides a stretch... and it feels amazing! 


For the athletic there is nothing better after a day in the mountains or in the gym. Not only does it provides immediate relief but helps you to recover faster to perform better in the future.


Your at home D-Compression Lounge is great for those who are less fit because it is a convenient and easy way to counter the effects of lack of movement and aid the elimination of toxins. They work amazing for vericose veins.


Please call us at 403-675-5500 to select you size.


Compression Sleeves Rental - 1 Week

  • Rental units can only be shipped in the Bow Valley.  Pickup and dropoff at the studio or we will deliver and pick up to your doorstep for free.