3 Sauna Punch Passes* are available for a limited time for only $54. 


Hit the floor in our unique open floor infrared sauna or sweat it out with friends in our largest infrared sauna.


Our full spectrum infrared saunas give you freedom to move while raising your internal body temperature and helping you sweat comfortably. A single session helps you to:


-relieve pain

-eliminate toxins and purify the skin

-speed recovery

-provide a cardiovascular exercise that burns calories

-release endorphins and reduce stress

-improve sleep and relaxation.


Water, towel service and many other extras, such as electrolytes and personal massagers, are all included. Our saunas have individual change rooms and are fully private. 


* Non shareable

3 Sauna Punch Pass

C$90.00 Regular Price
C$54.00Sale Price