Our mission is to empower you.

We work with you to challenge and support you to achieve of higher levels of performance. 

Based on your goals, we help you design a individualized personal plan to get you to where you want to be.

A general approach to health and wellbing.

ballance betweeen training, load and stress and recovery and regerneration for physical and mental health

The reason someone would use a performance coach would be to help them better focus on goals and development for the future and use data solve immediate challenges

At Modern Wellness we provide technological tools, education and motivation to empower you to optimize and balance your mental and physical health for overall well being. At our studio, you access biometric, recovery and performance services that give you the ability to quantify your health, increase your health intelligence, and proactively take control of your health. 

Biometric services include: 3D full body scan, cardiovascular stress testing, heart rate measurements, neurofeedback, blood biomarker testing, genetic analysis, and microbiome testing.


Sensory deprivation and enhancement in our state-of-the-art Neurolounge. Binural beats for brain wave entrainment, neurofeedback guided meditation, hypnotherapy, or just turn it all off with a power nap. Compression Re-Boots included.

Research and Media

Personal Studio gym

The personal Studio gym is like non other in the Bow  Valley. Enjoy the view along Mt Rundle while doiing calestetics, cardio and resistance training. The gym is well set up for sport specific climbing and bike training.  It is a great space for athelites and coaches, couples, by yourself or with coaching. Set it up the way you want with wearables, virtural training, contrast oxygen cardio, and your choice of multimedia.  


Contrast Oxygen cardio


research and Media
Fit 3D Scan and Initial Consultation

An initial consultation to familiarize you with the services and products offered at Modern Wellness and a Fit3D scan that provides a posture analysis, measurements, body composition and more. 

Information is provided to empower you to make your own informed decisions about your health and wellness.


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