"Set your stress and your pain free. Live a better with increased levels of vitality above and beyond what we have ever experienced. Our goal is to bring these health technology to as many people as possible."

Recharge in the
Red Light Therapy


PBM provides restorative low-level laser therapy in a relaxing, temperature-controlled light pod. This therapeutic dose of light increases circulation and energy production to reduce inflammation and underlying oxidative stress. Oxidative stress contributes to the aging process and is accepted by the medical community as the underlying cause for many chronic diseases.

Recover in the Infrared Sauna


Deeply penetrating far-infrared heat lifts out and eliminates toxins from the core. Feel invigorated, not depleted, with the hygenic and advanced approach to dry heat therapy.

REboot mind and body in the  Lounge


Compression treatment provides a unique approach to pressure and fascia release, which you can enjoy while relaxing in comfortable lounge chairs. Pair this with Binaural beats for a relaxing experience.


I was impressed by the quality of the facility and all the latest equipment available to test and try. It felt like I entered a different world with incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff who nicely offered to take my wellness to the next level. I loved every minute of my experience and I realized 4 hours weren't enough ;o). I recommend this facility to anyone serious about their health and wellness, which should be all of us! You will love it!

Have you ever been given a gift but it is sooooooo good that you want to just pay for it.
Going through the circuit trying out what Gilles and Quy have to offer and how affordable it all is was priceless and amazingly good all of it.
Please go see them you will thank your lucky stars because that’s what I am doing right now.

Was recently at Modern Wellness for a day retreat with a friend...did the whole nine yards. Found out a couple of interesting things about my body which will prove to be helpful on a day to day bases. Also had a wonderful sweat in their spacious infrared sauna, most definitely be back for that! The MOST helpful tool that Modern Wellness has that I have already recommended five time over are the Recovery/Compression boots. As someone who has 'lazy' veins, hereditary varicose veins I found the next day after about 20 mins in these beauties my veins were almost absent and my legs left feeling much lighter.